Even Picasso Didn't Know How To Paint

A few weeks ago I decided to add a more interactive and engaging aspect to these articles, and while filming today, I had a thought.

It's a recurring thought that I've been having since I started all of this, and that is "I'm not good enough".

It's hard to keep going at something when you know your creations are just not good enough to be worth anything. But then I had another thought. That thought was, "I will be good enough". And this is the thought that has been keeping me going for the past five years essentially.

Not Born A Painter

See when you first start at something you 100% will not be good at it at first. You might start better than others, but you won't reach good until you've practiced. Keyword, practiced! Because even Picasso didn't know how to paint, but he knew how to practice. And that he did.

The first time he painted it was a well below the average painting, the second was a tad better, the third a tad more than that, until he could paint amazing realistic paintings. But this skill that built up over years of dedicated work wasn't yet in the style we've come to know him for. He decided to take a more unique angle to his painting and started making surreal paintings.

These surreal adaptations of art were, well, pretty realistic. But the one after that was a tad more surreal, you get where I'm going. Oh but these still weren't in the style we've come to know him for. The third iteration of this process became the Picasso we know.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now think of something you like, music, movies, gardening, business, anything. The famous and recognized people in those artforms were just like you. How they became like that, however, is pure persistence and repetition. They didn't stop at the thought that no one would like what they were doing. They kept going because they knew they would improve.

And if you keep going you too will improve in whatever you are doing, from painting to starting a business. This is certain. What is uncertain is if you will get there. Will you stop at that little thought in your head telling you you're not good enough, or will you keep going thinking "I will be good!".

Of course, it's not easy to ignore this voice, in fact, sometimes it only gets louder and louder. This is why people always say to follow your passion. If you start something new, don't do it for money, but because you like it. Because if you like something enough to make it a hobby you can keep going and find pleasure in improving your craft without caring about the opinion of others.

With this to carry you forward, practice becomes what you like, not the profit or recognition. And Practice makes perfect.

Never A Good Time To Quit

With the right forces pushing you, there is not a chance that you will quit. But some things must be done and improved upon even if you don't love doing them. For example, a good businessman might hate to network, but he will have to do it regardless and do it good. For this, keep in mind your why. You are doing this thing you don't like for the good of the thing you actually like to do.

And when you remember this why, you'll understand that it's never a good time to quit. Don't quit while you're ahead because you will never be ahead, there will always be some further goal. Don't quit because no one saw your failure so it's okay, keep going because no one saw your failure! The worst time to start is always tomorrow, and the worst time to quit is always right now.

. . .

It's easy to get deterred from starting something because you don't have the skills, but guess what, whoever you think might be laughing at you for your lack of skills also didn't have skills when they started. The only way to improve them is to keep going and never quit. The fear of not being good enough should be replaced with the knowledge that you will be. The worst time to start is always tomorrow, and the worst time to quit is always right now.


Hi, I'm Matthew, my mission is to spread knowledge about motivation, productivity, and enabling people to achieve the best that they can be! I have a vast background in psychology and a passion for self-improvement. I literally can't remember a time when I didn't have a psychology book in my hands. On top of that, I've traveled around the world from a very young age, and seen many different courses of life, forming friendships with highly successful people, as well as people who are willing to do anything to make ends meet. My own life took me down a roller coaster of highs and lows, and I'm forever grateful that I've been able to overcome everything it threw at me. Now I want to take the opportunity to give back, and help others learn tools and methods for becoming who they were born to be!


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